Prices in Euro €:
G2R>G2Z Adapter board with Omron G2R 8A sealed relay fitted and tested (ready to install): €32.

G2R>G2Z Adapter board “DIY” with solder pins, 10 pcs: €40 (boards without relays).

Postage/shipping to Europe or North America:
Adapter boards “DIY”: 8€.
Adapter boards with Omron relay: 16€. (up to 4 units in one package)

Relay units will be sent as first class registered letter, and will be well packaged as to arrive in good shape.

Ordering and payment:
Please send your order via email to, or just write in the Paypal comment field what you need. Make sure to specify if you need 12VDC or 24VDC relays! Check what is printed on the original relays.

Payment: Paypal, to the same email address.

Betaling for DK ordrer: Bankoverførsel eller MobilePay (Brug venligst ikke Paypal). Se også her.

Background and details:
In many amplifiers from the ’80s, the Omron G2Z-222P-US is used as loudspeaker relay. Some in 12V and some in 24V model, but it is the same type relay. The problem is, that this type of Omron relay is no longer available.

As a solution to this, I have made an adapter board, which makes it possible to fit a modern type Omron G2R relay as replacement. It is a small doublesided PCB, with same footprint as the original relay.

January 2023 update: The adapter boards are now v.1.2, with further optimized layout, and 70 µm copper layer for lowest resistance.

On the topside, it matches the new Omron G2R type relay, and on the bottom side, it matches up with the old Omron G2Z-222P-US pin-out. Solder pins are fitted from the bottom side, where it mounts to the amplifier PCB:

These fit all amplifiers which originally has the Omron G2Z-222P-US relays. This includes:

– Luxman LV-105
– Luxman L-435
– Luxman M-02
– Braun Atelier A1 og A2
– Sansui AU-D5
– Kenwood L-1000M
– JVC A-X9

-and many others..

You can purchase the adapter boards seperately, or a complete new relay unit ready to install in your amplifier. I use high quality sealed Omron G2R 8A relays, which is a good replacement for the original relays used, and will likely last longer.

If questions, then ask.